Equity Begins with Empathy

In 2020, SHRM launched Together Forward @Work to initiate open dialogue about racial inequity in the workplace. Now we’re taking the next step by providing tangible tools to construct equitable hiring practices and empathetic cultures—which is fundamental to the development of truly inclusive workplaces. Which is exactly what we need. Now more than ever.

Get the Right Tools for the Job

The SHRM Members-Only DE&I Action-to-Change Toolbox

With one click, SHRM members can learn to construct more-inclusive workplace cultures with a turnkey solution that includes:

  • Conversation starter cards. Because understanding starts with talking and listening.
  • An HR resource guide. A curated collection of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) readings and research for practical equity solutions.
  • An inclusion playbook. Your step-by-step guide to a more inclusive workplace.
  • Plus more


Learn how Mimi Dixon, Director of Brand Activation & Content at Crayola, changed representation and inclusion one crayon at a time.

Read the case study and register to learn more at INCLUSION21.

Mimi Dixon, manager of brand equity and activation at Crayola
We All See the Problem. Now Let’s Look at a Solution.

View an inspirational video on workplace equity.

We’ve Always Called for Equity for All

Systemic disparities in hiring and other unfair workplace practices have historically affected millions of workers, particularly Black workers. Because the workplace is the place SHRM knows best, we’ve always felt obligated and uniquely qualified to address these matters and push for significant change in the world of work and society.

That’s the reason we launched the Together Forward @Work initiative in 2020. It’s the reason we are underscoring the need for workplace empathy, which is a big step toward workplace equity. And it’s the reason we are committed to continuously refining and expanding the Together Forward @Work platform to include:

1. Original research detailing the high cost of racial inequity.

2. Tangible tools to bring about measurable change in the workplace.

3. Thought-provoking reports and recommendations from our Blue Ribbon Commission on Racial Equity. 

We All Pay a Price for Racial Injustice

14% of U.S. workers felt they were treated unfairly in the workplace due to their race or ethnicity in the past year. Of that group, here are the percentages of workers across racial lines who felt that way.*









*SHRM 2021 The Cost of Racial Injustice Report

The Push for Inclusion
Must Include Everyone

Human Resource Professionals

Business Administrators




Blue Ribbon Commission on Racial Equity