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It’s time for equality for all, across every area of society. That’s why SHRM has introduced Together Forward @Work, a call to action to bring racial equity to the workplace—the place we know best and have served the longest. And a place where we, our members, and our business community can bring our unique professional talents to stand together against all forms of social injustice.

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Equity is A Journey

The issues may be obvious, but the solutions are complex. So we’re in this for the long haul. This will be a sustained, multi-faceted platform:

1. Original Research. See the current state of American workers’ viewpoints on racial inequity in the workplace. It’s the first of much more data to come.

2. Blue Ribbon Commission on Racial Equity. A coalition of top business executives and academics from both within and outside HR to drive actions and solutions.

3. Ongoing Learning, Conversations, and Collaboration. If we can work and learn together, we can address this issue together. Get conversation starters below around racial equity and inclusion in your workplace. The resources here are open to all, not just our members, and more will be added frequently to help you take action.

The Workplace Needs Work


46% of Black American workers say their manager does not support discussions of racial justice issues at work.

Black American workers are 4 times more likely than white workers to feel treated unfairly due to their race

Black American workers are more than 2.5 times more likely than white workers to observe race-based discrimination in their workplace.

Take Action

Write your commitment on your hand and post a photo of it on Twitter and/or Instagram with #TogetherForwardAtWork (on Instagram include @shrmofficial). Include your pledge in the comments to help us change the world of work.

Who We Are

We All Have a Part to Play in the Drive to Racial Equity





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