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Racial Bias Is One Problem You Can’t Solve Alone

Racial inequity in the workplace is not only bad for morale—it’s bad for your bottom line. Over the past five years, employee turnover due to racial inequity has cost U.S. organizations up to $172 billion. That’s a staggering figure and problem that requires us all to pull together. That’s the reason SHRM’s Together Forward @Work movement was started. And it’s why SHRM membership includes a range of resources to help you build more-equitable and empathetic workplaces, such as one-on-one guidance from SHRM-certified HR Knowledge Advisors; time-saving toolkits and how-to guides; the latest diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) research (including the 2021 Blue Ribbon Commission Report on Racial Equity); and our newest resource, the members-only DE&I Action-to-Change Toolbox. It’s one of the richest DE&I resources we’ve ever created, and it’s designed to help you address inequity within workplaces big and small.

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We All Pay a Price for Racial Injustice


Percentage of workers who perceived unfair treatment at work due to their race or ethnicity and responded by putting less effort into their work.


Percentage of employees who reported being treated unfairly due to their race or ethnicity between 1 and 5 times in the last year.


Percentage of employees who lost 1 to 10 workdays due to anxiety, stress and unfair treatment at work.

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With one click, SHRM members can access a new HR turnkey toolbox containing essential resources for building equitable workplaces and improving employee engagement.

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Start With a Conversation Over Coffee

As simple as it sounds, having open conversations with your colleagues and employees is the best way to begin to bridge the racial divide. SHRM’s conversation starter cards show you how to initiate and facilitate those hard discussions. The cards are part of SHRM’s members-only DE&I Action-to-Change Toolbox, a turnkey resource designed to help you construct measurable change in your workplace.

“Tune in Tuesdays” DE&I-Focused Episodes

“Tune in Tuesdays” is a SHRM members-only digital series of interactive episodes that provide expert insight on some of the most urgent issues—including DE&I—facing workers and the workplace. Tune in on the second Tuesday of each month for a new episode.

Discounted Inclusion Courses and Conference

Racial bias is a behavior that we learn—which means we can also learn to be more inclusive. To help, SHRM provides an array of live and on-demand eLearning courses which are an integral part of your continuous learning journey and a great way to refresh or reinforce your ability to have difficult conversations about race. SHRM also offers a one-of-a-kind and highly specialized INCLUSION Conference focused on helping you master DE&I best practices in the workplace. Discounts for courses and conferences are included with your SHRM membership.